Best Diwali Gifts Ideas that Are Trending Online

Best Diwali Gifts Ideas

Gifting during Diwali celebrations serves a lot of many purposes. From remembering the distantly-located loved ones to wishing happiness and prosperity to family and friends and from improving business relationships to status show-offs! The Festival of Lights is one amazing opportunity to extract the best out of the tradition of gifting. However, in a country like India, where there are arrays of festive celebrations every month, it’s justified to run out of the ideas about gifts for Diwali.Best-Diwali-Gifts-Ideas

Thankfully for the online stores, social media sites and mobile apps, buyers now have access to the top trending Diwali gifting ideas. To sum up the best of these ideas of Diwali gift for parents, siblings, lovers, spouses, friends, employees and everyone else you count as special, here’s an interesting guide you should begin with.

Going the Traditional Way | Diwali Gifts Ideas Going the Traditional Way

Devotional items like idols and figurines are still among the best picks for Diwali gifts for family elders. Leaf Ganesha, Ganesha with Dholak, resting Buddha and meditating Buddha in a wide variety of materials like ceramic, brass, polyresin, terracotta, copper and bronze are some of the preferred choices. The good old Laxmi Ganesha Saraswati on Lotus is indeed one-of-its-kind item with heart-warming auspiciousness. You may think of packing beautifully carved and decorated earthen diyas with these idols to create unique Diwali gift hampers.

Lighting Up is Style | Diwali Gifts IdeasLighting Up is Style

While earthen diyas are marvellous as Diwali gifts for employees as well as relatives, beautifully designed candles too are among the trending Diwali gift items. Glass and metal diyas look classy and would add glamour to the festival’s ambience. Then, there is simply no dearth of the attractive designs the table lamps and colourful lanterns are available in. People also show interest in quirky candle stands and T-light lamp holders that work as great home decors as well. If you are not worried about the budget, sterling silver diyas, candelabrums and filigree lights can be purchased in some truly remarkable shapes.

Reviving the Decorations | Diwali Gifts IdeasReviving the Decorations

When choosing Diwali gifts for friends, you can always count upon home decors. Paintings with mind-blowing artworks from different regions and states of India can be easily located online. Furnishings and bedding items like quilt covers, bedsheets and pillow and cushion covers never go outdated as great gift items. Embroidered table runners and covers too are trending in this category.

Decors also include artefacts like Italian multicoloured vases as well as the handcrafted earthen pots. Stylish platters, ceramic bowls, wooden fruit bowls and silver cutlery sets stay in fashion forever as the loved festive gifts.

If budget is not an issue, think of the designer collections of:

  • Glassware
  • Serving ware
  • Curtains
  • Beanbags

Spreading the Aroma | Diwali Gifts IdeashappyDiwali

When looking for Diwali gifts for clients, one recommended category is that of scented candles. Apart from lighting up the environment, these candles spread the wonderful aroma and add to the festival mood. Another related category is that of essential oils. You can think of packing designer earthen diyas with bottles of essential oils like jasmine oil, rosemary oil and lavender oil that would produce an overwhelming effect on the senses. Make it even better by choosing aroma diffusers that are available in some very funky designs. For example, aroma matki diffusers which imitate the traditional pots are indeed the special gift items.

Gifting the Helping Hands | Diwali Gifts IdeasGifting the Helping Hands

The list of gifts for Diwali is incomplete without arrays of home appliances that make the perfect items for the near and dear ones. Diwali is that time of the year when people don’t hesitate from spending money on items like pressure cookers, toasters, juicers, coffee makers and blenders. Apart from these, there is a fresh range of appliances that have become popular gifts for the past couple of Diwali seasons. These include:

  • Waffle makers
  • Ice-cream makers
  • Air fryers
  • Cooktops
  • Purifiers
  • Gas grills
  • Salad makers

If you plan to buy one of these items, it would be great to go for a top brand manufacturer. Also, keep an eye on great Diwali offers and discounts on these items on the internet.

Celebrate Health and Rejuvenation | Diwali Gifts IdeasCelebrate Health and Rejuvenation

Festive celebrations often result in unhealthy eating and disturbed routines that usually take a toll on health and fitness. However, some people are extremely health-conscious and don’t let festivals upset their fitness regimes. There’s indeed a way to cater to their needs with healthy Diwali gift items. Here are some ideas you can use:

  • Choose Diwali gift hampers that pack different varieties of green and herbal teas
  • A health basket containing whole grains or multigrain snacks is indeed exciting
  • Pick up the healthiest exotic herbs from different parts of the world and pack them to endorse healthy cooking
  • Nuts, dry fruits and fruits are the great items to celebrate the festival with the health-loving people

A related category is that of rejuvenation and skincare items that make exceptional Diwali gift for girlfriend and wife. Take note of some of these:

  • Facial massage creams, facial oils, face tonics, cleansers and fruit scrubs
  • Body washes, bath soak spa salts, body lotions and body scrubs
  • Lip balms, body massage oils, herbal face washes and soaps and moisturizing creams.

You can try several combos by packing assorted skin and hair care products. Research a little to choose products that contain herbals and harmless ingredients.

Feed the Taste Buds | Diwali Gifts IdeasFeed the Taste Buds in diwali

In addition to all those health-conscious people, there must be others in the list of gift recipients who love to receive gourmet treats and traditional Indian sweets. There has been a popular trend of packing sweets as Diwali gifts for corporate as well as friends and family members and it would never die. However, prefer low-fat items and low-sugar sweets that would also entertain concerns about health. Also, some exotic and unique items in the category include:

  • Cheese hampers with some exotic varieties like peppercorn cream cheese
  • Dry fruit platters that nowadays pack fresh varieties like cherries and peaches
  • Cookies, bread and cakes for an assorted Diwali delight
  • Chocolate boxes would never be outdated. Look for the fresh collections
  • Fruit juices – pick up the non-conventional flavours like peach and pineapple
  • Add gorgeous wine bottles and create an irresistible Diwali pack
  • Make it even more special with syrups, hummus, sauces, chutneys and other similar items

Gifting the Long-planned Gadgets | Diwali Gifts IdeasGifting the Long-planned Gadgets

Thinking of gifting one of the latest gadgets as Diwali gifts for boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, son or daughter? Diwali is the right occasion to do it. The good news is that some truly incredible gadgets and technology items are ruling the market and you can buy them well in your budget. Here are some popular options you may think of:

  • Cool digital media players like Chromecast
  • E-book readers like Kindle that are great for bookworms
  • Smart lighting solutions that can be synced with smartphones, music and more
  • Wireless tags that prevent expensive items from getting lost
  • Portable fridges to maintain the freshness of juices
  • Wireless headphones with amazing ear pillows
  • And of course, one of the many feature-laced smartphones

Gifts for On-the-Go People | Diwali Gifts IdeasGifts for On-the-Go People

Travel essentials are just the right Diwali gift for husband or father who travels a lot due to work. While searching for the category, you would be amazed to find a large number of fresh items. One such item worth mentioning is a mobile USB that connects laptops with smartphones to let easy transfer of files between the two devices. Power banks are well-known items that keep important gadgets empowered while travelling. Some other items that you would love to gift in this category include:

  • Smart wallets with apps that notify the owner if he or she forgets the wallet
  • Wireless charging pads
  • Battery packs that also work as wireless routers and storage devices
  • Portable Bluetooth speakers that are great for leisure travellers and adventurers

In addition to these technology-based travel items, you may also think of buying designer backpacks and handbags for travel-enthusiasts.

Personalized the Gifts | Diwali Gifts IdeasPersonalized the

Personalized gifts are apt for every occasion and Diwali is not at all an exception. Some great ideas include personalizing items like mugs, calendars and photo frames with the family photos or quotes mentioning the names of the recipients. Key chains, diaries, wallets and desk organizers can be engraved with personal details to make them the truly wonderful gift items. Going further, items like t-shirts, pillow covers, whiskey glasses and fridge magnets can be customized as well.

You can also choose customized Diwali gifts for employees and clients and they would never forget your gesture. These gifts are also great in advertising brands and securing exposure for businesses. Cardholders, coasters, pen drives, caps, mousepads, paperweights, desk stands and desktop items are some of the best items to name in this direction.

What Else’s In the List? | Diwali Gifts Ideas

  • Jewellery: You don’t have to think out of the budget when buying jewellery as Diwali gifts for the special women in your life. Imitation jewellery items like earrings, bangles, bracelets, pendants, rings and necklaces can be easily purchased at the reasonable costs.
  • Apparels: Clothes are ideas gifts for one and all. From inexpensive t-shirts to expensive designer clothes, there is no limit to the ideas you can think of. However, it is great to choose something tradition, like sarees for women and kurtas for men, to keep in sync with the festival mood.
  • Watches: Wristwatches are still in fashion and you can think of gifting them to one of your family members this Diwali. If not a wristwatch, choose among table or wall clocks, especially those that can be customized with personal photos.
  • Coins: Elders can think of buying silver or gold coins for their children and grandchildren as the signs of their love and blessings.

Shopping for gifts for Diwali should ideally begin one or two months ago, as you would like to devote enough time to select the best items. Prefer online stores that promise the advantages of shopping during any hour of the day and also offers quick online delivery. Make this year’s Diwali celebrations memorable for the lifetime with well-thought gifts.

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