Which Online Fashion Store Do You Prefer- Jabong Or Myntra?

Best Online Fashion Store 2020 | Jabong Or Myntra?

With the advent of the internet, people can now access so many facilities. The internet has made life much easier than it used to be. Tiring errands like shopping, paying the bills or searching for houses are no longer a burden. You have all these facilities at your disposal just a click away. Online shopping, for instance, has been welcomed with much love by the people because how easy the process is and the variety the buyer is exposed to. You can easily set your comfy chair and browse the numerous offers online. Shopping has never been easier!

Jabong Or Myntra

Online Fashion Stores 

Two of the most used online fashion stores in India are Jabong and Myntra. They provide you with a large variety of options in terms of fashion and are known for their high standards and quality products. They offer branded clothes, accessories and much more to the fashion-savvy person in you. However, despite a lot of similarities, these two sites do differ from each other in certain aspects as listed below.


Jabong started as a cloning strategy by Rocket Internet. It is the Indian counterpart of the German website Schuhe & Mode online kaufen. This means that Rocket Internet make clones of their website in different markets for a better chance at getting more customers.

Myntra is a homegrown site that began its journey as a customization platform that sold sweatshirts, T-shirts and stuff like this to other companies. It was not until 2010 that it focused its attention on large scale online fashion retail.

Cost Of Products 

It is one of the most important factors that decide the number of customers you are going to get. The more affordable your goods, chances are the more customers you are going to get. Customers are always searching for something that is not only beautiful to look at but also comes with a sensible price tag. If you are to take in this factor into consideration, will be a bit more costly for you in comparison to Myntra.

Myntra consists of a range of products that are less expensive and come within the price range that many people can afford.

Availability Of Services 

These two are leading sites in fashion e-commerce. can be done through any online platform website, mobile site and mobile app. Myntra on the other hand, is only available as a mobile app.

Latest stock

Both of these websites endeavour to keep their stock updated. Since customers are always looking for the latest fashion, these two online shopping stores have made it their priority to update their stocks regularly so that the customers always get the latest fashion trends. New arrivals check-in from time to time.


Jabong focuses on the website traffic, revenue, valuation, number of brands and number of customers. It has been working tirelessly to attract more and more website traffic.

Myntra focuses more on innovation and the quality of the products. Myntra Style Studio is the first one to not use Flash as a platform. Rather, it is made up of HTML5 using canvas.

Service To Customers 

Customers always expect their orders to arrive on time. So, this is an important factor for online shopping stores. Although both Myntra and Jabong provide excellent customer service, Jabong offers a slightly faster delivery service. This is not much of a notable difference.

Jabong and Myntra are both good at their job and they each have their fair share of customers. The comparison is slightly biased on individual customer experience so the difference is not that clear. Whether it is or customers should go for the one that is more suitable for them

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