Handmade Birthday Gifts for Husband

Adorably Cute and Amazingly Pretty Handmade Birthday Gifts for Husband

Birthday Gifts for Husband: One thing every woman out there would agree is that choosing the right birthday gift for your man is as daunting as finding a needle in a haystack, never mind even if he’s your husband. Sometimes knowing a person too well can be as worse as knowing absolutely nothing about them. But, handmade gifts are never a passé and are the right way to portray your love for him.Birthday Gifts for HusbandWhatever the occasion, anniversary, birthday or showing your appreciation of love for all things he has ever done for you and family, he is guaranteed to fall head over heels with handmade gifts. We have rounded up the finest and lovely handmade birthday gifts for a husband to help you express your love and appreciation towards your better half.

DIY Shirt | Birthday Gifts for Husband

Make up a quirky one-liner for him or simple doodle him his best cartoon, and iron it on his favourite white tee. All you need is an iron-on transfer paper and a plain t-shirt to make this masterpiece.

365 Reasons Why I Love You | Birthday Gifts for Husband

Can anything be cuter than telling him that you love him every passing day? Let him pick one from the glass jar every day before heading out for work is the best way to keep the spark alive. Just pick a neat glass jar or a photo box, few ornaments to embellish it and 365 chits containing why you love him.

Love Coupons | Birthday Gifts for Husband

Love coupons are the best of all handmade birthday gifts, but since we are talking about your soul mate, let’s focus on what coupons can you gift him on his birthday. They should be either useful, plain naughty or sexy, but keep in mind that both of you should be able to enjoy it. Thus avoid ‘promises’ which might get tough to keep up. Here are a few suggestions for your coupons:

Full Body Massage, Guys Night Out, Foot Massage, His Favourite Dinner at his favourite restaurant, Breakfast in Bed, Free Car Wash etc.

Handmade Cookies or Cakes | Birthday Gifts for Husband

If there is one thing that would have him surprised and happy, it is handmade cookies. Keep all the supplies ready and bake him his favourite cookies on his special day and surprise him during his morning tea session. Or you can even choose to bake him his favourite flavoured cake, instead of picking one from the bakery. Besides, baking for your man has a different charm to it altogether.

Upcycled Nuts and Bolts Heart | Birthday Gifts for Husband

How about sitting down for a craft session for him? Got a whole lot of nuts of bolts which lies almost abandoned in his garage? Well, you can use them up to make a cute heart by glueing them on a board and quill his name on it when done. Frame it up at his study and let him swoon over it.

Crochet Slippers | Birthday Gifts for Husband

If you are too broke for something grand then try picking on your knitting wool, and make him a snugly and warm pair of crochet slippers, which he can enjoy wearing at home. Handmade crochet slippers are one of the cutest gifts and are sure to make him all happy and surprised.

Beer Cap Photo Frame | Birthday Gifts for Husband

When we talk of handmade birthday gifts, can we ever skip out on photo frames? Of course not. But how can you add more quirk and fun to it without spending a bomb? Well, gather up all the beer bottle caps that you have been storing for a cool DIY and glue them all around the frame. Put a cute memory of you together inside it and be ready for a warm tight hug right after he receives it.

Just let your creativity flow, while you craft him something unique and whimsical. Make a birthday gift worth cherishing for a lifetime, and make his feel special and loved.


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