How to Buy the Best Diapers for Your New Born?

Motherhood brings lots of challenges, which include sleepless nights, feeding the baby at regular intervals and ensuring that the baby gets the best care. However, what bothers a mother most are diaper rashes. They irritate the baby and can also lead to severe infection and fever. So, it is best to be safe than sorry!

Best Diapers for Your New Born

Get the best discounts from baby brands like FirstCry Coupons on DealsandCouponz and grab the first opportunity to avail them. But before anything else, review a few diaper brands in the market and choose what best fits your baby.

Tips to Buy the Best Diapers

Before you think about which brand to the buyer, ascertain the size and the style that you want to buy.

  • Size Matters: Diapers come in various sizes for various age groups. While some brands sell sizes 1 to 6, there are others which sell small, medium, large and extra-large diapers. Choose the best fit for your baby to avoid leakage. Also, ensure that the diaper fits your baby snugly and is not too tight.
  • Pant Style or Normal Diapers: While pant-like diapers are easy to use and convenient to wear, some babies do not like them. Before buying in bulk, ensure which one is your baby comfortable with.

Once you’ve determined your basic requirements, choose the brand offering the same and buy the diapers in bulk. Babyoye, Hopscotch, and FirstCry have some special offers and exclusive discounts on

Best Diaper Brands in India

Although there are several diaper brands in the country, the following are known for their quality and reliability.

  • Huggies: Quite popular in the Indian market, this diaper is known for its softness and good quality absorbent material. There has rarely been any complaint against the brand and hence can be trusted completely with its freshness factor and quality.
  • Pampers: This brand offers leakage-free diapers that keep the baby dry during the night. These diapers do not look bulky and also fit snugly on the baby, promising of ultimate comfort. It is also offering promotional coupons on DealsandCouponz.
  • Snuggies: These are imported diapers from China and considered among the best in the market. Designed for ultimate comfort, these diapers are soft and smell fresh. They are made of very good quality absorbent material.
  • MamyPoko Pants: These Japanese-brand pant style diapers have been launched in the Indian market recently. It can be pulled up like a pant and does not have stickers that irritate the baby in conventional diapers. Soft, comfortable, dry and light-weight, these diapers are ideal for an active baby.
  • Wipro Baby Soft: The unique super gel absorbent absorbs moisture deep into the diaper, keeping the baby’s skin soft and dry. However, a new variant of this popular brand has become more popular because of its affordability. Wipro Baby Soft Dry Care is truly a mother’s blessing for a baby.

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