Flipkart Big 10 Sale–Great Benefits and Discounts for Phonepe Users

The Flipkart Big 10 Sale from 14th to 18th May is on. While there are hordes of customers searching for ways to save during this shopping festival through online payments and credit card payments, payment wallets to bring lucrative deals. Why not choose the simple and convenient payment mode ‘Phonepe’?

You might want to stick to the conventional modes of payment like COD (cash on delivery) for your Flipkart orders, some really good reasons will make you want to consider using the PhonePe application during the sale. In combination with a cashback offer at Dealsandcouponz.com, you can easily make great savings on the product that you want to purchase from Flipkart. Flipkart is rigorously promoting the use of the PhonePe with special Flipkart Phonepe discount offers. A 30% saving is not less, right?

Discounts for Phonepe Users

What is PhonePe?

Phonepe is an online payment solution software and app that revolutionizes the way you do payments. This tool for cashless payments provides a seamless experience. Easy to download, this app helps you to recharge your phone balance as well as use it as a tool to pay bills.

PhonePe is an application that allows prepayment of the Flipkart order amount via debit card, credit card, UPI or wallet. It serves as an e-wallet that allows you to spend without the need for paper money.

Prepayment of Necessary Amount

With the PhonePe application, you can easily prepay the bill amount before the delivery. While some people might be sceptical about paying in advance, others prefer it. With prepayment option, you do not have to search for cash when the delivery person arrives at your doorstep with your package.

You do not have to haggle with the delivery person for change money once you are done with the prepayment using the PhonePe application. You can also save on valuable change that the delivery personnel usually do not carry. This way, you are ensuring that you are paying exactly the amount that is needed for the item that you purchased.

Cashback Offer of Flipkart

The Cashback offer is the most interesting reason why people are considering installing the PhonePe application. Flipkart has made a conscious effort to make an exclusive offer to PhonePe users. Flipkart is offering them a straight 30% cashback on payments done through the PhonePe application.

However, according to the fine print associated with the offer, Flipkart is offering a maximum cashback discount of 300 Rupees when you do the payment using the PhonePe application. This implies that, in case you purchase anything with a cost of 900 Rupees or more, you will only get a discount of 300 Rupees.

Easy Communication between Online Banking and PhonePe Application

It is very easy for you to connect your bank account to the PhonePe application. This is another one of the great services that the PhonePe application offers. You can top off balance in your PhonePe application once a month using internet banking or credit/debit card and use the application to pay the bills for the rest of the month.

The demonetization strike carried out by the government has forced people of the country to rely on internet banking. The benefits are great indeed! By using the PhonePe application and deals from https://www.dealsandcouponz.in/blog/, you can get a whopping 30% cashback on your purchase apart from discounts on the product price. Don’t miss the deals!

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