Ganesh Chaturthi Decoration Ideas & Items for Your Home in 2020

The most awaited festival Ganesh Chaturthi is around the corner. The festival adds fun and colours all around. There are no rules set when it comes to decoration but who doesn’t love colours and pomp? So, let’s set up a spectacular house for Bappa which will create an ambience filled with purity and divinity. If you haven’t finalized the decoration yet and don’t know where to start it from then you can check out these amazing ideas to welcome your loving Bappa. We have listed few eye-catchy and trendy ideas, you can opt for the occasion.



Ganesh Chaturthi Decoration Ideas & Items

LED in lead
All that glitters is certainly not gold but can add glamour to the decoration. Lights play an important role to give your decoration a ‘complete’ feeling. Today there is a range of lighting products available in the market. So first review your home decor and use lighting accordingly as it will completely transform the room. You can also use earthen lights and diyas around the mandap to create an appealing aura.

Go Green
With growing awareness, people started switching to eco-friendly Ganesha and now it is time we opt for eco-friendly decorations too. Eco-friendly idols don’t harm aquatic life after immersion. You can go green by using natural materials and plants and add to the indoor beauty. You can also use recycled items for decoration.

Fragrance and flowers
Flowers play an important role in every Indian festival. Spruce up your interior beautifully with the help of colourful flowers. Make flower garlands and place it beside the idol. You can make an elegant bouquet or flower arrangement and add a few leaves of greenery. Flower decoration keeps the pandal alive and fresh. Flowering cabbage and kale can add a twist to the traditional flower arrangement.

Theme decoration
If you want your decoration to stand out from the rest, you need to boost your creativity. If you choose nature as a theme you could represent the Himalayas, waterfall or forest. You can also try your hands on current issues or the latest developments in the country.

Craft from scratch
Decoration always doesn’t need to be complicated and intricate. You can reuse and recycle items that are available at your home that will help you to reduce waste and save money. You can use old fabrics, wood, frames, and suitcases, among others to give your decoration a fresh touch. We say that anything and everything can be recycled and a little creativity can make a lot of difference.

Make it Safe
No matter how much decoration you do, keep that in mind that the Idols can cause damage as well if they are handled improperly. So, practice respect while placing a theme or decorating the house with the Ganesh Idols.

Choose a plan which not only declares you safe from a potential issue but also leaves no mark on the bodies of the idols. This will ensure a merry festival to you that you can enjoy to your fullest!


If you follow these simple steps, you can have the best Chaturthi there is. It is all about happiness and laughter in the end. So, make sure the theme and the circumstances are perfectly complimenting this festival. If you follow all the shiny suggestions that we have presented in this post, it will go a long way. In addition to dolling the house up for the festival, you will be contributing to a safe and healthier environment. If all of these qualities are coming in the cost of a festival, then why not take a ticket? I recommend all of you to follow these simple tips to make this festival the perfect.

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