7 online stores to buy ganesh chaturthi pooja samagri kit in 2020

Sankashti Chaturthi is a cheerful day committed to Ganesha. It is seen on the fourth day of Krishna Paksha (dark lunar stage) of the Hindu Calendar. It is called Angaraki Sankashti Chaturthi if it falls on a Tuesday.ganesh chaturthi pooja samagri kit

The issue nowadays is that finding and arranging the products is a very tiring job. For this important occasion, you have to be prepared as no one wants to ruin their festival. As this is a digital age so you have the power of the internet on your smartphones and computers. It would be nice if you easily find the required products on a single spot. So the solution is these stores which offer all your desired goods with ease.

Online stores to buy Ganesh Chaturthi pooja samagri kit

Bigbasket (www.bigbasket.com)


The first in our list is the BigBasket. This store offers a Booklet, Audio CD and other pooja items to the consumer. All these products come at an affordable and convenient price of Rs.1125. This store has an interesting and positive point which is most important that is delivering your items within one day. Now that is what you call service.

Pure Prayer (www.pureprayer.in)

Pure Prayer

The second in our list is Pure Prayer. This store offers a huge range of products and is recommended for the people who like detailed shopping. This package costs Rs.600 which is very affordable. The package contains items like Audio CD, Bhasmam, Haridraa, Kumkum, Rangoli Powder, Aarti Holder, Puja Bell etc. A fun fact is that the quantity or type of items is also mentioned in this package. This package is delivered by the stored from 2-3 days which is quite fast. This store gives the details of its products which is a very good point

Amazon (www.amazon.in/Naivedya-Ganesh-Chaturthi-Pooja-Kit)


The third entry in this list is amazon. Amazon is acclaimed in the whole world due to its wide range of products. The package is comprised of all the necessary scriptures and booklets. These items give you detailed instructions and introductions as well as are available in different languages. This package is worth Rs.750 thus it is an affordable source of income. The delivery time is 6-10 days.

Ebay (www.ebay.in)


Ebay is the fourth on this list. The package for Ganesh Chaturthi pooja is worth Rs.1125. It contains items like Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja Book, Earthen Ganesh Idol, Red Alter Cloth, Sriphal and other required items. This is a very good thing as you have the trust of eBay and the delivery time is 8-10 days which is just a short wait for such a luxury package.

Rudraksha Ratna (www.rudraksha-ratna.com)

Rudraksha Ratna

The fifth store is Rudraksha Ratna. This package consists of an Audio CD, Booklet, and all the pooja items. This package is delivered at an astonishing speed of 2-3 days. The package is worth Rs.2225 which is affordable for the pocket and lightning fast delivery ensure good feedback.

HinduPad (www.hindupad.com)


The HinduPad is sixth on our list. The package consists of all the pooja items and a beautiful Ganesh Idol. This kit is worth only Rs.500 which is surprisingly very cheap. The delivery time is determined according to your location but usually takes 5-7 days in India. A very good point is that goods are delivered all across India which is a remarkable achievement in itself.

Online Prasad (www.onlineprasad.com)

Online Prasad

Online prasad is the last store mentioned in this list. Their package is worth Rs.1500 and the delivery time is 4-5 days. It contains an Audio CD, Booklet and all the necessary pooja items. This package also includes a Ganesh idol made up of clay. This is a complete kit at a cheap price and is quickly delivered as well.

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