Get That Extra Space for Your Trip with These Luggage Options

The summer season is here, and soon it will be time for the annual summer vacation trip, an escape from the heat to a cool hill station or a beach. Every one of us is craving for a few days off from the school/work/college to enjoy some time with family and friends.

Before we start packing our bags for the vacation, it is time to sit down and assess if we have enough storage for the clothes and accessories that we will carry for the one-week or two-week trip. Well, if you do not have enough storage, it is time to shop for some trendy bags and luggage that will allow you to travel in style.

Several different kinds of luggage are available on online shopping portals. From large suitcases to trendy handbags, you can choose from a wide variety of colourful collections available on these websites. Let us have a look at the various kinds of luggage / carry bags available on Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc. Wallets you must carry a little cash with you while going out on a trip.

Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal

This cash will help you at several places where you may not be able to pay via your debit/credit card. Several websites like Amazon and Flipkart are offering heavy discounts on premium leather wallets by Puma and Woodland. By using the coupon codes available on, you can score your favourite design and colour on a wallet at a very low price.  


Backpacks are a perfect companion for a trip if you love to carry a lot of gadgets with you. Backpacks often come with several compartments to fit in your laptop, tablet, portable chargers and Bluetooth speakers efficiently. Backpacks are often available in multiple designs that are suited for a beach adventure or a hill station adventure equally. You can find heavy discounts on backpacks by American Tourister, Puma, etc. on Snapdeal You can also apply coupon codes available on for faster delivery at low prices. You can also go or a rucksack if you want to have that macho look when you are going for trekking or road trip experience. The rucksacks have plenty of space and can be conveniently tied to your vehicle or your back.  

Check-in Luggage

The most important type of luggage that you need to have while you go on a long trip is the check-in luggage. These luggage options are often available in a variety of colours and material. Also, you can choose luggage with two or four wheels, so that you do need to carry the heavyweight throughout your trip. The online shopping websites also provide luggage options in plastic and cloth materials to allow you to travel without having to worry about rain soaking all your clothes. The check-in luggage can be brought from Flipkart and at a discounted price this summer. Enjoy your trip with these awesome luggage options and save a lot, with deals from

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