Global Flipkart Access Now Available through eBay

Global Flipkart Access: Flipkart in association with eBay has changed the face of India’s e-commerce system. Its recent partnership with the US-based e-commerce company eBay. With the acquisition of eBay India, Flipkart online shopping is now accessible worldwide, thanks to its partnership with eBay.  It is an attempt to push the ‘Made in India’ product across to Non-Residential Indians worldwide. Flipkart Global will now promote Indian products in the United States, UK, Germany, Canada, and Australia.Global-Flipkart


Flipkart plans to start this service with its ‘Gold’ Sellers and eventually extend it to other sellers with time. This undertaking means that the Indian E-commerce brand will now be eligible to sell its products to over 170 million active customers worldwide. This includes eBay’s access to over 190 International Markets across the globe.

How to Order Through Flipkart Global? | Global Flipkart Access

As exciting as it is, you can go for Flipkart online shopping to buy jewellery, lifestyle, ethnic saris and other authentic ‘Made in India’ products, outside India. If you are residing outside India, here’s how you can grab the best deals from Flipkart.

  • Initially, you will shop from eBay’s platform, while Flipkart will fulfil your orders with a partnership with other carriers.
  • Through Flipkart’s ‘Global Powership’ Programme, an NRI customer is eligible for Flipkart’s products through eBay.
  • eBay will use its partnership with carriers to deliver products at your desired destination.

Flipkart Global and International Markets | Global Flipkart Access

10 years ago, Flipkart had changed the Indian e-commerce system with its products and the product-specific marketing system. Now it attempts to be accessible to people outside India. The new program, Flipkart Global will put to use over 100,000 Flipkart sellers and make their products accessible in over 190 countries.

The Head of Marketplace at Flipkart and eBay India said that the Indian market has immense export potential and some many SMEs have unique products but don’t know how to make them available to global buyers. After launching Flipkart Global, they are removing traditional growth barriers and providing sellers with a platform to reach out internationally and expand sales.

He added that besides enabling trade, Flipkart Global will also help generate both direct and indirect employment opportunities revive the fortunes of many artisans whose products are in great demand internationally. According to their Research Executives, this, in turn, will generate much of the needed foreign exchange for the exchequer.

Benefits of Flipkart Global | Global Flipkart Access

Choosing Flipkart online shopping through eBay will allow benefits other than making Indian products accessible worldwide. Even with the dropping discount percentages, here are the reasons why you should opt for Flipkart Global.

  • Prompt Delivery: Flipkart Global will make use of eBay’s International Carriers. This means that if your area is Flipkart accessible, your products will be delivered by trustworthy carriers from eBay. The terms and conditions for these deliveries will be almost the same as that of Flipkart India. The company assures careful handling of the products as well.
  • Customer Service: As Flipkart gets global, it will put in a lot of effort in its services provided to its Customer. Backed by the US auction site eBay, Flipkart aims to make sure that every deal is fulfilling to their customers living abroad. They guarantee to maintain the same Customer Service that they have provided to in the Indian Markets.

Flipkart getting Global is a huge boost for the Indian Economy. The retail E-commerce export market in India expects to be around $2 billion by 2020 with Flipkart going international.

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