Guide to Packing for a Vacation!!!

It is time to take a break from work and head to a holiday destination with family and friends. Choose a destination of your choice, book the tickets, pack your bags and get going. Before that, you can look for online discount offers or travel offers at We bring lots of special offers from MakeMyTrip, Zoomcar, and, which can help you plan your weekend trip or a long vacation in desired budgets.


There are certain things that you need to take care of before going for a vacation.  Make a list of all the things you need, depending on the vacation type and shop for them online using some great discounts.

To-do list

Be orderly when you pack your bags. Make a list of things that you have taken and kept it with you so that you can tally them while coming back. That way, you would not leave anything behind.

First-aid Kit: It should have the medications for common health issues like fever, vomiting, dehydration, infection, cough and cold. It should also have a sanitizer, a disinfectant and Band-Aid.

Pack Toothbrush, Paste: Do not forget to pack your dental kit. You surely do not want your travel companion to complain about your bad breath.

An Extra Bag for Holiday Purchases: Always have an extra bag, lest you find something interesting or memorable and you want to bring it back home as a sovereign.

Cosmetics: Depending on the destination, select the cosmetic products that you wish to take. If you travel to a beach, ensure that you carry good sunscreen lotion to prevent tanning. If you plan a holiday to a cooler region, carry moisturizers and lip care. However, do not overload. Always remember that wherever you go, there would be shops where you can pick up the thing that you need.

Adapters and Chargers: Do not forget the essentials that you need throughout the journey. You would be in a mess if your battery runs out in the middle of nowhere and you cannot find any other option of communication. Same holds for laptop chargers. It is good to buy a power bank to help you deal with such situations.

Pack Extra Pair of Undergarments in Handbag: Ensure that you have an extra pair of undergarments packed neatly in your handbag. That would be of great help if you lose your luggage on the aeroplane.

Check the Weather: Do not forget to check the destination’s weather or climatic conditions and pack accordingly.

Visa and Currencies: These are the most important things you need if you are travelling abroad. Ensure that these are handy and easily available whenever you require them. Ideally, these should be kept in your handbag that would go with you everywhere. Please do not make the mistake of packing them in your check-in luggage because if the luggage goes missing, you would remain stranded at the airport.

So, hurry up and get going! A trip with your family is long overdue. Check out some exclusive discounts and travel offers at to make it a truly rewarding holiday experience.

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