How to perform Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja at Home

Vighnharta Sri Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and mother Parvati. His birthday is celebrated as Ganesha Chaturthi. Ancient beliefs suggest that in Ganesha Pooja Ganesha idol is established in homes. According to common belief during the festival Lord Ganesha visits his devotees. The reason that numerous individuals call it Vinayak Chaturthi is because Ganesha Ji is also called Vinayak. This pooja is also called “Pathar Chauth” as well as “Kalank Chauth”. Bhadrapad Shukla Chaturthi is celebrated due to its importance as the day of incarnation of Ganesh Ji.

ganesh chaturthi pooja
Lord Ganesha provides intelligence, benefits and removes crisis. Before starting anything such as a marriage, an inauguration etc, Lord Ganesha is worshipped. So that all the crisis that is to befall may go away and the matter proves beneficial to the devotees.

Method of Ganesha Pooja 

Method of Ganesha Pooja 

As this pooja is of extreme importance. Therefore, for such a grand event as the Ganesh Pooja, the procedure should also be up to certain standards. There should be no compromise on the procedure of the pooja. The following method is the most appropriate and it must be applied to maximum religious zeal and zest:

  • First of all, sit in front of the idol of Ganesha and show Avahan Mudra.
  • Collect each and every Pooja material.
  • It is not allowed to offer basil team and basil leaf before Lord Ganesha.
  • Selected grass which is from a clean place should be offered to Lord Ganesh.
  • Pooja should commence with a prayer for blessing and guidance to Lord Ganesha.
  • Lord Ganesha’s Idol should be placed on chawki.
  • The earthen lamp should be lit to formally start the pooja.
  • Sacred water should be sprinkled on top of Lord Ganesha to offer a bath.
  • The sacred thread should be offered as clothes.
  • Tilak of Roli should be applied on the forehead, Akshat should be put on tilak.
  • Flower garland and flowers should be offered to him.
  • Now paan leaves should be offered as well as supari before Lord Ganesha.
  • Narikela and modak, ladoo should be offered as prasad to Lord Ganesha.
  • Gangajal or Sacred water should be offered to drink.
  • The scent should be offered to him as well.
  • At this moment Deep and dhoop should be offered to Lord Ganesha.
  • Now you should meditate on Lord Ganesha.
  • Recite the beej mantra before Lord Ganesha which is “Om Gan Ganpataye Namah” at the very least 108 times.
  • Keep meditating before Lord Ganesha for the whole time of the recitation.

Material required 

A special occasion always demands special materials and for the Ganesh pooja, a lot of special items are required. Without these materials, the pooja will be incomplete. The following list of material is required for the successful and proper conduct of Ganesh pooja:


·         Laung

·         Roli

·         Rice

·         Chandan

·         Haldi Powder

·         Haldi Gath

·         Ganga Jal

·         Honey

·         Gud

·         Mishri

·         Peeli Sarson

·         Dhoop

·         Kapoor

·         Ghee

·         Batti (Round)

·         Batti (Long)

·         Match Stick

·         Deepak

·         Agarbatti

·         Red Cloth

·         Gulal

·         Wheat

·         Phool Mala

·         Tulsi leaves

·         Belpatra

·         Aasan

·         Paata

·         Plates / Bowls / Spoons

·         Panch Patra


·         Sindoor

·         Moong

·         Janeu

·         Dona

·         Moli

·         Itra

·         Gulal

·         Wheat

·         White Cloth

·         Ganga Jal

·         Mishri

·         Gulab Jal

·         Oil

·         Peeli Sarson

·         Panchmeva

·         Elaichi

·         Dona

·         Moli

·         Itra

·         Paan ka Patta

·         Mango Leaves

·         Panchamrit

·         Fruits

·         Sweets

·         Nariyal

·         Flowers

·         Dhurwa

·         Dhoti Gamcha

·         Photo / Murti of Ganesh

·         Kalash



This pooja is to be blessed with intelligence and confidence and no one should refrain from spending on its preparation. As this is a very important festival so it should be made more special with fulfilling its due standards. The focus should be clear that is to achieve maximum spirituality and religious zest on this grand occasion.

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