Why The New Age eMarket Has a Gripping Appeal?

Indian shopping habits have slowly but surely noticed a shift towards the digital market. Online shopping has become an integral part of the lives of many Indians. Gone are the days when we used to hop shops for the only product that we wanted, hankering over the expense and cribbing about the energy wasted when it was not found. The irritation doubled when the clothes we bought did not fit us, which meant another round of hopping and hankering.

Why The New Age eMarket Has a Gripping Appeal

Shopping these days is cashless and simple, but most importantly affordable. With an array of e-commerce websites, like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, shopping for anything you want is just a click away. The exclusive deals they offer during the festive season are something you all wait for.  Add to it the promotional coupons by dealsandcouponz.in/blog/, which can help you make bigger savings.

So, shop at will and if you do not like the product, it can be exchanged in a jiffy. Interestingly, all this can be done without even stepping out of the house.

Why E-Market Is Preferable?

As already explained, the virtual market is easy is access and offers amazing discounts. However, what makes it even more user-friendly is the fact that it allows you to make decisions at ease. No bickering over the prices.

The product is there right in front of you and the price is shown just below it. Like it or don’t like it, the choice is yours. There will not be a salesman, trying to ‘convince’ you why not buying that product means the end of the world for you.

It is Cashless

The recent demonetization has led to a huge surge in online shopping. Naturally, you do not have to make a beeline outside the ATM for money before you go shopping at the nearest marketplace. You sit in the comforts of your home and shop at will, even if you do not have cash in hand. Make an Internet transaction and you are settled.

Easy Exchanges

Do not like something? Just check the Return Policy stated on the online shopping site you are shopping from and follow the instructions. Wait for a day and you will have somebody come from their end and pick up the stuff. The money will be credited to your account without any delay.

It has become even easier these days. Sites like Amazon and Jabong make the exchanges on the same day itself, i.e. on the day, you make the request.


Most of the online shopping sites are reliable and stick to their words. The 24X7 customer care is prompt in addressing all your issues and will go to any extent to help you follow an instruction. They lend a patient ear to your problems and attempt to make the quickest resolutions.

However, the best part of online shopping is, every transaction is documented.

You have a purchase number and an account of your own where you can check all your purchases. You do not have to maintain the receipts of your purchases like you usually do when you shop offline. Any grievances and you can always refer to them to apply for a ‘Return’. There is no denying it.

It is Paperless

Barring the special discounts and exclusive offers these shopping sites promise of, they play an important role in saving the ecology too.

It might be a small step for the future, but it still is commendable. All the transactions are done online, so there is no paper involved. You can track your purchases, their status of delivery and the receipt of payment online. The receipt is stored in the account that you had created with the shopping site. So, you have a document to show any time there is a problem, without bothering about loss or misplacement.

‘Couponz’ To Save Your Pocket

Say you like something on Amazon or Flipkart, but the price is way too high. You can immediately look for Flipkart coupons or Amazon coupons on dealsandcouponz.in/blog/ and check if it gets better.

All you have to do is use the promo codes while checking out from the site and the offer will be automatically applied.

So, hurry up! Go online, go shopping. Leave the rest to the shopping sites.

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