Why Shop Through Amazon Prime During Amazon Great India Sale?

Amazon, as well as Flipkart, have tried luring the customers into paying a small price for a premium service. While most of the customers prefer buying through a conventional Amazon account, only a few of them opt for an Amazon Prime Account.

Amazon Prime

Having an Amazon Prime account is beneficial to you if you are an avid online shopaholic person. You can get the best deals as well as premium services like one-day delivery in case you have a Prime account. Let us have a look at the reasons why you should prefer shopping through an Amazon Prime account during the Great Indian Sale that is being held from 11th May to 14th May, this summer. You can also use working coupons from Dealsandcoupons.com to avail a good discount on your favourite products.

To buy a prime membership, all you need to do is sign up for Amazon Prime via your normal Amazon account for a one-time annual fee of 500 Rs.

Fast Delivery Options

An Amazon Prime account entitles you to receive fast delivery option which is usually a paid service on Amazon, free of cost. The several fast deliveries offer available to you via the Prime account include,

One-day delivery: This is available for free of cost to the Prime users while the non-prime users have to pay a 100 Rs. price to avail the benefits.

Two-day delivery: 80 Rs. additional charge for non-prime users, free for Prime users.

Same-day, Morning or Scheduled Delivery: 150 Rs. for non-prime users, 50 Rs. for prime users.

Amazon offers these delivery options to over 100 different cities in India. To check if the delivery option is available at your place, you can log on to the Amazon website and check for the delivery status of your product.

Free Delivery

According to Amazon policy, if you purchase any item worth a price of 499 Rs. or less, you are levied with extra delivery charges. However, if you have a Prime account, you do not have to pay any extra charge for the delivery of your product regardless of the price being under or over 499 Rs.

Early Access to Deals

To get the best of special discounts during the Great Indian Sale period, you need to have an Amazon Prime account. With the Prime account, you can get access to the most in-demand deals 30 minutes before people who do not have a prime membership. The Prime account will help you in purchasing high-demand items Redmi 4A smartphone, Sennheiser headphones and Fitbit equipment that get sold within a matter of few seconds as part of a lightning deal.

Free Subscription to Prime Video

Amazon recently launched Prime Video in India. You can get an exclusive deal for using the Prime video services for an entire year for free using your Prime account. Prime Video consists of several videos, movies as well as Amazon Special TV shows that you can watch for free.

This sale season, make the best of the cashback offers using a Prime account on Amazon and the coupons from Dealsandcouponz.com.

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