Things To Do In New Year Eve 2020 to Make it Memorable Year

Things To Do In New Year Eve: You might have heard a lot of people asking you to get started as soon as possible to plan out the New Year’s Eve. As the rush is building up for the celebrations to welcome 2020 with a blast. This is also the time when all tourist destinations are filled with people and you will find no reservations if you look after the 5th of Dec. Yes! It is that crazy that I have mentioned a date that falls in the first week of January.



Things To Do In New Year Eve: Everyone wants to use this holiday to take some time out of their monotonous lives and get away from those mundane tasks they do every day. It is a special day after all, and it is also said that what you do on this midnight is something you keep doing frequently that year. This may be an old folktale but you do want to strive to make it special for you with your special someone or your family members. If can also be with no one but at a destination away from home and no one you know shall be around you and that can be a good way to know new people.

Things To Do In New Year Eve: Here is a list of destinations along with the things you can do there on this New Year’s Eve

  • Goa–this is not the first time you have read a person talking about going to Goa on the New Year’s occasion. The reason because Goa is India’s Las Vegas. It’s very own sin city. The parties in Goa are a lot more different than the parties that go around her in the city. Unlike light shows and crackers, there is loud music and a young crowd that goes high and wild over the beats of a song. You should look forward to Anjuna beach for intimate parties & Tito’s club.


  • Delhi –as it is famous for all the personalities that stay in there it is also famous for all the party animals that lie within the young crowd of this state. There is an exquisite collection of nightclubs and private lounges at Delhi that makes it the next most favoured places in India to celebrate your new year party at. It hosts a lot of parties with the best DJs from all over the world. India Gate is the prime destination that starts getting decked up for the occasion many days prior to the actual occasion. The chief locations to keep an eye on 7 Degrees Brauhaus, Revelry at Golf Bar – ITC Maurya, 3 Day New Year Festival at Shiro – Hotel Samrat and New Year Bash at Pub Nirvaan.
  • Mumbai –if you are a Mumbaikar and you have been around the city on the New Year’s night then you know what I might suggest here. It can be a house party or at the beach that touched the Arabian Sea. You can find everyone enjoying the same enthusiasm that you have in you or even more than that. There are crackers lighting up here and there in the sky every other moment, people coming out on the streets with dhols and music.

Things To Do In New Year Eve: And if you are lucky you might even spot some stars from the film industry enjoying their New Year’s night on the streets of Mumbai. The most populated place in the New Year has to be the Marine Drive area where there is tight police security nowadays otherwise it was allowed to set yourself free and party all night long with your friends. Places to look out for in Mumbai –Lotus Cafe – JW Marriott, New Year’s Eve Party at Stax – Hyatt Regency, Amnesia at LIV.

new-year-celebrations-in india



  • Karnataka –we are specifically talking about a magical place called Gokarna at Karnataka that is a beach place and is famous for being a Hindu pilgrimage centre. It is the best place for beach and peace lovers. It is advised to make an early booking or else it is up for grabs for a lot of people out there from all over India.

Things To Do In New Year Eve: If you do not want to travel to a new destination and experience the fun at a completely different place here are few ideas for you to tell you what to do instead of on the New Year’s night –

  • Gift a Smile –you are fortunate enough to have your family members to celebrate several occasions with but there are certain people and children who have no one to celebrate with. Hence you can plan out a visit to a nearby orphanage or an old age home. You can spend the night with them cut cakes, play games and just listen to their fascinating journeys with them. This is a beautiful sight to see and a beautiful deed to do. This will surely make you feel proud of yourself.
    new-year-celebrations-in india
  • Plan an Adventure –there are many places that offer a thrill to you. You can go bungee jumping, white water rafting, snorkelling, trekking. Etc. just push yourself off-limits and create a memory in the very beginning of the year that shall last a lifetime. Underwater diving is one such experience that can take you to a whole different level. Signing up for such activities are the risks that you take and hence these decisions should be thought upon for a long time before just going for it.
  • Binge on everything –so the year is ending, you are at home and you do not feel like dressing up and even getting up from your sofa. You can do this alone or call a friend along who is in the same snooze state as you. Subscribe to some online platforms like Netflix just take a look at the best movies, shows or comic events you have been dying to watch or maybe have watched earlier as well.

Turn them on make some popcorn and just lie all night and watch them. Without moving a muscle just lay completely jobless and thoughtless and switch movie after movie, show after show.

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